The Difference Between Casino Games in Mobile and Desktop



Online casino gambling started as software to be downloaded on your desktop. Then, they made an innovation where you can open casino sites in browsers with no downloading required.

Now, they’ve upgraded this software and transitioned to an application where it can be used in mobile devices. So how is the latest version, which is the mobile device games, compared with the previous versions?

Today, we’ll talk about the difference between casino games on mobile devices and on your computer.


Perhaps the most common difference when it comes to the mobile version and desktop version is how often you can use them.

This availability has a lot to do with internet access. If you’re using a desktop, you need to plug your router from somewhere and connect your computer. Therefore, you’re limited to where you can use casino games.

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However, with a smartphone, you don’t have to stay at one place to access the internet and thus, you’re able to play anywhere.


You probably already know what bonuses are. They often come in the form of match up or cash back bonuses.

Usually, the mobile and desktop versions of one casino game offer the exact same bonuses. However, there are additional bonuses when it comes to mobile casino games.

This might be No-Deposit Bonuses where you can play without depositing a single penny. There might also be additional free spins.


This is already a given for games not only for the casino industry. Features such as the quality of graphics, animation, and sound effects affect your gaming experience.

These factors rely on your connection to the internet. The graphics buffer, sound effects get downloaded, and so on.

That’s why mobile apps are great. You don’t have to wait for it to buffer or process it because they’re already downloaded in the phone’s storage.

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Whether you like it or not, casino sites opened in browsers have fewer games than in their downloadable versions.

Since mobile casino games are downloaded, this applies to them, too and therefore, there are more games.

However, you should take note that mobile downloaded versions have fewer games than in their desktop software counterparts.

So, mobile versions are better than the browser-based casino, and desktop software is better than the mobile version.


You’ll also find that there’s more privacy in the mobile version than in desktop. This is because you can play offline and as a result, third-party software won’t be able to access your phone.

What’s more, you can download apps in your phone that can improve your security such as VPN. This will serve as an additional countermeasure for cyber hacking.


Gambling can be very addicting and it’s no longer a laughing matter. This often occurs due to the availability in which we discussed earlier.

With phones, you’re able to play tirelessly from anywhere. This is the disadvantage of playing mobile casino games.

If you think you can’t control yourself no matter what, then we suggest you stick to the desktop versions of online casino games.

Availability, exclusive specialities, features, number of games, security, and countermeasure to addiction are factors that affect your casino gaming experience. These are also the six differences you can find from the mobile and desktop version of casino games.