4 Types of Casino Games Many Gamblers Don’t Know



Through your gambling, you’ll notice that there’s one similarity between the gaming industry and the casino industry.

You can never run out of things to do with their abundant collection of games. Plus, new games are constantly coming out.

However, did you ever start wondering if you really know which game is which and what category do they fall to?

Casino Game Categories and Levels

Believe it or not, there are types of casino games that professionals might not even know of. There are variations and games are categorized into these variations.

Casino sites typically list their games according to these categories and you’ll notice that it’s true if you really take some time observing a casino site.

While there can be dozens of variations out there, only four types actually matter. These are the main categories of casino games and it’s also what we’ll be talking about today.

Here’s how most casino sites categorize their games:

slotmachines - 4 Types of Casino Games Many Gamblers Don’t Know


This type of casino games usually includes variations such as progressive slots or 3D slots.

Table Games

Table games consist mostly of card games such as blackjack. There are also dice games like craps.

poker chips - 4 Types of Casino Games Many Gamblers Don’t Know

Video Poker

This is perhaps the most specific type of casino games as it only includes poker games played on a machine.

Specialty Games

Specialty Games consist of games that don’t really have any similarity with each other. This may include bingo, keno, scratch tickets, or even roulette

These are the four types of casino games. This is also the basis of professional gamblers of what to play and they usually specialize in one of these types. It might be because all games in one type have the same mechanics, except for specialty games.

roulette - 4 Types of Casino Games Many Gamblers Don’t Know

So feel free to make use of what you learned here to figure out your specialty as well.