Eight Things Your Casino Wants You to Ignore



Real-world casinos now take great measures to entice customers and keep them as clients. However, a lot is happening in the background that those in authority would probably want you not to be aware of.

Casinos are magical, mysterious, and financial locales — theatrical settings where the laws of the outer world don’t seem to apply. But many people don’t realize that everything was planned with stunning strategic perfection.

Or, to put it another way, things you might assume are completely random is everything but!

Here are eight things your casino doesn’t want you to know to give you a better idea of what’s going on in gaming establishments around the world:

1. The probabilities don’t always match up

Casino enthusiasts may refer to specific table games as “carnival games.” Extremely challenging games that are best played only for fun. These examples are Caribbean Stud Poker, Three Card Poker, and Let It Ride Poker, which is unlikely to result in a profit. However, if you manage your expectations properly, they can be quite fun to play. Now that you know what is meant when a game is referred to as a carnival game, you may play it!

2. Blackjack can be “cheated” at

Millions of people have tried card counting worldwide, and the vast majority have failed miserably. Card counting requires extraordinary talent and intelligence to succeed even somewhat. However, if you do it right, you may swing the chances in your favor and walk away with millions of dollars. Card counting is not cheating; thus, it should be no surprise that casinos frequently view it as such. Although it often violates casino rules, card counting is not at all unlawful. Nevertheless, if you know what you’re doing and how to get away with it, it’s worth a shot!

3. You’re Being Monitored

Though few are close to the modern casino, most businesses take security and monitoring seriously. The ordinary casino these days has you under close-up, magnificent HD surveillance from the moment you arrive till the moment you depart. It’s one thing to be looked over by CCTV, and everything you do is essentially being observed and recorded. These days, some casinos have placed more than 20,000 different cameras, which completely cover every square inch of every area. There is a large crew of professionals tracking your every action behind the scenes, making it nearly impossible to get away with cheating these days. An industry standard, but incredibly disturbing nonetheless!

4. It’s Intended to Be a Sensory Experience

The managers of casinos are also perfect masters at playing on patrons’ senses. A casino’s entire interior is built out to encourage you to play for as long as possible and spend as much money as possible. Casinos don’t have clocks because they want you to lose track of time. There aren’t any windows that open to the outside because the owners don’t want you to be reminded that there is an outside world. To keep your senses alert at all times, everything is purposefully as bright and noisy as they can get away with. Complimentary meals and beverages are offered to minimize your movement and encourage you to spend more money on the gaming floor.

5. Dealers Do Not Want Your Tips…


Go ahead and tip the dealer if you’re doing well and intend to do so. The likelihood is that they’d like you to bet it if you’re in a position where you’re willing to offer £1 or so. This increases the likelihood that your meager gratuity will be doubled or quadrupled. The trouble is, it usually isn’t part of the casino’s professional code for dealers to ask players, giving them advice to place bets on their behalf. However, if you make the offer yourself, they could be more willing to stake out lesser tips.

6. The Chips Technique

If you attend a casino with £50 and request that it be converted into chips, don’t be shocked if you are summarily given two £25 chips or five £10 chips. They probably won’t even mention that chips are available for $5 or $1. Do not be misled; this is not an act of kindness or laziness intended to make them lighter to transport. Instead, it’s just the casino’s way of getting you to spend your money as rapidly and lavishly as possible. Most casinos adhere to a straightforward yet surprisingly successful trick. So feel free to request the denominations you are most familiar with the next time you exchange your money for chips.

7. The dealers want you to succeed.

If you’ve ever had bad luck, you could be excused for thinking that every dealer in every casino is out to get you. To win a prize, you must defeat them after all. According to logic, the dealer, on the other hand, is the last person who should want you to lose. Consider the following scenario: You start winning, easily defeat the dealer 20 times in a row, and finish up with £3,000 you weren’t expecting to win. Would you be more likely to leave a large tip now if the dealer had beaten you and left you with nothing in your pockets? Dealers aren’t constantly out to get you; they gain success when players gain it.

8. Casinos have the right to keep winnings

Last but not least, there have been some extremely upsetting accounts of casino patrons who believed they had scored the jackpot, being informed by casino managers that this was not the case over the years. Video slots, in particular, will occasionally show winning combinations, sound their sirens, and wish you luck on your modest fortune. Unfortunately, if casinos “discover faults” in the system that produces an incorrect outcome, they can withhold rewards. Unimaginable, but yet the reality that a good number of would-be victors deal with every year.